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Coffee Talks launches Hisar in the US

Coffee Talks are proud to announce our partnership with Hisar Cutlery, who are one of the leading suppliers of high quality stainless steel cutlery and kitchenware products worldwide.  

Founded in 1968, Hisar produces at their state-of-the-art factory in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition to their dominance in the domestic market, Hisar products are also highly sought-after in Europe and the Middle East.

Coffee Talks' initial launch will include various Hisar Turkish teapots and hit the market just in time for the pre-Christmas shopping season. We are planning to extend our Hisar range by introducing new products and categories, including Hisar's beautifully designed cutlery range in the new year.

Hisar stainless steel cutlery set, kitchenware, teapot, utensils

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