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Yuri-Franz Kulchytsky - the spy who saved Vienna from the Ottoman occupation in 1683. Later, he opened the first coffeehouse in Vienna

With Lviv-born Yuri-Franz Kulchytsky in his hometown - the spy who helped save Vienna from the Ottoman occupation in 1683. Later, he opened the first coffeehouse in Vienna


Our passion about tea and coffee goes beyond selling products. Both beverages have long histories going back thousands of years hand in hand with the history of human civilisation, and that's what matters to us the most.

That's why we always look deeper than sole commercial sense when we create or search for a new product. We know that each item we carry, from a simple coffee pot to the most technologically-advanced machine is an accumulation of generations of human creativity, knowledge and aspirations.

Both beverages played key roles in the making of history and helped create or shape some of today's major institutions. We suggest you to take a peek at our blogs to find out more about the history written by tea and coffee. We are sure you'll find them interesting.

And when it comes to business, we do our best to satisfy your expectations in full. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards, all our prices include delivery in the US and they all come with 2-year warranty against manufacturer-related faults.

A five hundred year-old journey

Turkish coffee cups

Turks' acquaintance with coffee goes back to the beginning of the 16th century when Ozdemir Pasha, then the governor of Yemen, shipped sacks of coffee beans to Istanbul for the sultan to taste. The beverage became so popular that, in the following few decades it spread outside the walls of the palace. World's first coffeehouse was opened in 1554, by two Arabs who had immigrated to the capital of the empire for a better life.

Arzum Okka is a Turkish Coffee Machine that brews and pours Turkish Coffee in its ideal taste and with cream directly into the cups.

This particular type of coffee has been the most authentic and popular way of enjoying coffee by hundreds of millions of people living in the Northeast Africa, the Arab Peninsula and Asia Minor for centuries. Coffee began spreading to all over the world from this region in the sixteenth century.

Turkish Coffee is different than the other types of coffee in many ways. Its distinction starts from grinding and goes through the whole process until after it is consumed.

Turkish Coffee is brewed from the finest ground coffee and without filtration during the process. In the traditional way, it is brewed slowly in tiny coffee pots, made of copper called cezve or briki, and poured manually into the coffee cups which are produced specifically for the purpose and decorated with ornaments.
Drinking Turkish Coffee is a ritual, enjoyed best in company and sometimes followed by fortune telling. As the poet says, "not the coffee, nor the coffeehouse is the longing of the soul. A friend is what the soul longs for, coffee is just the excuse".

Arzum Okka revolutionizes the authentic way of brewing coffee by introducing its patented technology that replicates the traditional way at the push of a button.

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